Bücher-Tips/Book tips

  • Super Buch für junge Erwachsene mit Krebs=> Heidi Schultz Adams + Christopher Schultz: Planet Cancer (The Frequently Bizarre Yet Always Informative Experiences and Thoughts of Your Fellow Natives)

“Planet Cancer is an honest, down-to-earth guide to living in this new world, from Diagnosis to Post-Treatment. Each chapter is informed by Planet Cancer’s voice—authoritative, funny, friendly, no-nonsense. Experts address issues from all sides around bedrock “What It’s Really Like” essays: deeply personal, unflinching, and often hilarious pieces written by people who actually experienced on Planet Cancer things like banking sperm, adopting a child, or undergoing brain radiation. The book, enlivened with quotes and real-life stories from Planet Cancer members, gives the uninitiated a sense of community and removes some of the mystery and fear of the unknown.”

Planet Cancer gibt es als Kindle Version bei Amazon.de für derzeit €9,10.

“The LIVESTRONG Guidebook can help cancer patients and their loved ones navigate the health care system and deal with challenges and changes that may occur at the time of diagnosis, during treatment and after treatment is done.

This free two-volume set contains important information, organizational tools and a journal to address physical, emotional and practical needs during each phase of the cancer journey. Only shipping charges apply.”

When Cancer Hits is your complete guide to navigating all the changes you’ll experience between the doctor’s office and everyday living. Whether your future includes surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, you’ll need to know how to best manage your side effects, stress, home recovery- and how to sustain positive energy during treatment and beyond.”

  • Tami Greenfield Boehmer spendet 10% des Gewinns Ihres Buches “From Incurable to Incredible” an LIVESTRONG. Das Buch ist eine Kollektion von 27 Geschichten von Menschen, die alle gegen alle Voraussagen den Krebs überlebt haben. Auch der Präsident von LIVESTRONG, Doug Ulman, kommt zu Wort. Das Buch gibt es als Kindle Version bei Amazon.de (für derzeit €7,27).
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    Good luck with the fundraiser!

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